Untrusting Hearts

untrusting hearts


Following the death of her grandmother, the last of her immediate family, Jade Broussard is overjoyed to discover a long-lost relative in New Orleans.

Maylene Broussard-DuBois, an elderly widow, is likewise elated to hear from Jade and invites her to come for a visit. Meeting her new aunt at the airport, Jade is introduced to Gage Pichot, a family friend Maylene has gushed about in their correspondence.

Matchmaking is obviously in the air, though the handsome and enigmatic Gage seems an unwilling participant. From the start, he questions Jade’s intentions concerning Maylene’s abundant wealth, and she bristles at his offensive insinuations.

His suspicious reluctance keeps their attraction off-kilter even as passion ignites between them and sparks fly. If only Maylene would stop playing Cupid! What if Gage wouldn’t automatically believe the worst about her? If only Jade could resist his aggravating charm…

Book Reviews:

“This book had a leg up on other’s I’ve read simply because it was set in one of my favorite settings: New Orleans. The tension between the two main characters keep you wondering if they are really meant for each other; their romance is spicy keeps bringing them together. They are stuck in the middle of her aunt’s matchmaking and her cousin’s devious attempts to tear them apart.”

“The more I read the more involved I became in the characters story. Very enjoyable.”

“The way the authors weave in fact and sensation really brings this fascinating town to life. I enjoyed it very much. Good read.”

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