A Mear Sleight of Hand (Star Traveler Series Book 6)

slight of hand

Even an escape from a solar system is not enough to escape from our past.

A Mear Sleight of Hand is book #6 of the Star Traveler Series which began with The Helavite War (book #1).

It has been two years since Sa’ling saved the alien Henu population and married Taylor. Taylor now has twins of his own, Dillion and Collin. But life is not all diapers and pacifiers.
Arr’s past has come back to haunt him. There is a madman, Braden, on the loose who has a vendetta against him – a vendetta that has its roots in a mercenary mission long ago with Jake. Arr knows this man and the destruction he can bring down on the Henu colony. Arr chooses to leave the community and lead Braden away from his family and friends – rejecting all offers of assistance.

It is only after Terrell inadvertently learns that Arr will not be facing one opponent but five, that he returns home to pursue his father with, Nor, Garrett, Taylor, and Mear at his side.

Meanwhile, the normally helpful Targus has been called back to his own home world to judge whether his youngest son, Seegus, is worthy of joining the Galactic Forces. Once Seegus’ fate is decided, will Targus and Coal make the difference between life and death for our valiant troop confronting Braden and his gang?


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The Henu are an astounding race. Visiting all the other world and races is amazing. So much thought has gone into everything in this series.”

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