A River of Stones

a river of stones


Samantha’s mother and father have divorced and she’s left standing in the middle of the separation. Along with her brother, Luke, Samantha traverses pain, guilt and loneliness as she takes on a new father and a new step-brother. Her only solace comes from her best friend, June, and the neighborhood kids who flock around her. But one day Samantha is shown The Book of Mormon. She knows nothing about Mormon’s but soon realizes she must make a choice. She can either get the help of God from this new-found book, or go it alone without Him.

Samantha is a young girl who finds her world turned upside down in one brief moment. Her secure world is shaken with the abrupt departure of her father. Left behind with no explanations, she takes solace in her two best friends, Bruce and June. She is soon faced with a myriad of changes, including a new stepfather and a stepbrother she didn’t want. Over the next two years, as she rapidly approaches adolescence, lonely young Sam discovers a world that holds pain and bitterness, as well as love, and is introduced to a mysterious book that could change her life.

A River of Stones chronicles the pain of divorce and growing up in the life of a young, adolescent girl. Penned with the heart of experience, the author touches the deepest recesses of a young girl’s hopes, dreams, and fears. Samantha searches for answers that, until now, no one has been willing to give her. From the pain of losing a parent to divorce, to the joy of hopeful possibility, Kathryn Jones takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and promise.

Book Reviews:

“A River of Stones is the first book by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones. It is written on a child’s level, and geared toward those who are suffering the loss of a parent from divorce. It deals effectively with the issues that a child might go through. For example, the too-common issue of finding acceptance and a personal religious course in the world.

“A River of Stones will make you think like a child, remember like a child, and hurt like only a child can.”

“Read it and be nurtured.”

“Overall, this is written with such realism. In fact, readers of all ages will be touched by the hopes, dreams and fears of lonely Sam as she searches for illusive answers while she travels a journey of self-discovery. A must read for everyone!”

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