A Single Girl’s Guide to Prepping

A Single Girl's Guide to Prepping Book Cover

A Single Girl’s Guide to Prepping by Jae Stephens

A Single Girl’s Guide to Prepping is an invaluable source of info for preparing to face unexpected situations!

Self-reliant women think ahead, make a plan, take steps now, and spring into action when the time comes.

Job loss, natural disasters, crime…it could happen to any of us. Taking steps now can help you face the rough times head on.

Inside You Will Learn:
* Examples of real events that threatened the well being of many people.
* What foods and supplies to store and why.
* How to be more self-reliant.
* Situational awareness and protecting yourself.
* How to be prepared to get home during an emergency, to stay indoors long term if necessary, and to “bug out” if you have to.

So, if an emergency arises, will you be ready? Don’t delay, Ladies! Read this book like your life depends on it!

Grab your copy of this guide here!
Readers in the UK can find their copy here!!

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