(Almost) Average Anthology: tales of adventure, loss, and oddity

(Almost) Average Anthology


Dark phantoms, alien encounters, and questing knights all make an appearance in this dynamic set of tales. This debut anthology collects 16 stories previously released on the (Almost) Average Blog. Now revised and edited they are presented along with two exclusive stories to create this exciting eclectic collection.

Book Reviews for (Almost) Average Anthology:

“When I first read the blurb for this book, I was curious…or maybe apprehensive. Sixteen previously ‘blog-released’ short stories now in a book. Would it be worth it? To my surprise, yes, it was. Very much worth it!”

“Overall, this collection of strange short stories is very well written. The author is new on the market. He has a wonderful ability to grasp your attention quickly. Furthermore, he keeps you reading even when you’re way too tired to keep reading.”

“This is an author to watch because he has great ability. In conclusion, I highly recommend this collection of stories”

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