Astarte Rising (The Infrasonic Detective Book 1)



Harry Bonneville suffers from recurring dreams; a woman calls for help but all he ever sees is an impenetrable grey mist. He has no idea that he is being summoned by the ancient goddess Astarte, and that she is imprisoned 2000 years in the past. This exciting time travel fantasy adventure follows the determined detective, Harry Bonneville, the incredible infrasound-mapping pioneer, Professor Rowan Forrest, and the brilliant Dr Rosa Almeida, as they struggle to carry out the strangest rescue mission of all time.

Blending time travel fantasy with humour, but still delivering a punch, there are colourful, characters to meet – some mortal, and others unforgettably supernatural.

The story begins at the Ceridwen Hotel in London, where the formidable Frau Schalke – the Western Valkyrie – offers solace to the living and the dead. Harry and Prof are two of her mortal guests and have become firm friends. They are about to experience life-changing events, which see them projected back in time to rescue a missing American Agent and a fragment of the unearthly time-entity called the Time Faeder.

To prevent temporal contamination, they’re armed only with three infrasound devices and given strict instructions to never alter the timelines. They struggle to survive and achieve their goals in the midst of a landscape that is beginning to witness the terrifying return of forgotten gods and their followers. Harry’s dreams become increasingly vivid as he is drawn ever closer towards Astarte, who lies trapped beneath the ruined temple of Baal Berith.

Often funny, sometimes moving, never staying still for long…this is book one of The Infrasonic Detective series.

Praise for Thomas:

“This is a clever, witty and thoroughly enjoyable story – a very accomplished debut!”

“Fantastic reading I was engrossed from page one, couldn’t put the book down! It took me to another world where I actually felt as if I was there with the characters having an amazing adventure !”

“From the first chapter I was captivated. The main characters pull you into the pages and you can’t wait to see what happens next. Very well written and a cracking story”

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