Blood Runner

Blood Runner

Blood Runner by J.D. Stanley

He’s cranky, he’s old, he just wants to be left alone.

Healer by trade, anti-hero by grudging acceptance, vampire by… mistake? Richard struggles with his blood-stealing nature for five thousand years until Maggie incinerates his life during the 1700’s. But it doesn’t end there! Not as long as Captain William Blackthorn, vicious pirate with an ancient secret, is still skulking around.

Fast forward to a modern day Ontario forest. After invading his sanctuary Richard gets more than he bargained for. The burgeoning leader of a pack of young modern vampires, Alan, investigates Richard’s forgotten past for more vendetta fuel against Captain Billy the Black Death. 

Bent on revenge, coming into awareness and dealing with the “enemy” technology, his once-peaceful existence is turned upside-down. The old gods, young vampires, ancient magic, and the outcome of a blood feud could dictate the fate of the world.

Praise for Blood Runner

“This is a wonderful book! If you enjoy vampire stories, then you will love Blood Runner.” – Paliden via Amazon

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough – a totally unexpected delight. I’ve stopped reading vampire novels of late because they all feel like clones as far as the storyline goes – this one is most definitely not, it has a surprisingly different and enjoyable aspect.” – Mandy Walkden-Brown via Amazon

“I enjoyed the story of long lost love with all the twist and turns.”– Mary McCaughey via Amazon

Blood Runner Book Trailer (HD)

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