Bloody Legends

Bloody Legends Book Cover


Prepare to be scared!

If you are looking for gory, evil, dark, dread stories, full of violence, this book is for you!

Daniel Cooper is a vicious serial killer who sees his most sadistic and morbid fantasies come forth in a compulsive desire to perpetrate the most violent and gory murder crimes staging famous urban legends.

“Taboos are crossed”

“this horror story is vaulted to a higher level of terror which most authors dare not tread.”

“Bloody Legends is required reading for horror aficionados who desire to go to the next level of terror.”

(Zisi Emporium for B Movies blog)

You’ll want to keep your lights turned on at night. It won’t make difference but still.

Book Reviews for Bloody Legends:

“Unlike the vampire or werewolf, the monster here appears invincible. “Bloody Legends” will get you into the habit of putting your alarm on at night and install bolting devices on your doors. Like many urban legends, this story will revisit you whenever the power goes out or a clap of thunder beckons in the distance.”

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