Break Point: 9 Life Lessons from the Tennis Court



In the tradition of Andy Andrews and Naploeon Hill, Author and USPTA Certified Elite Tennis Professional, David F. Berens takes us inside an exciting tennis match with veteran pro, Whitfield Franklin Andrews and the young phenom, Heinrick McStultz. During this epic battle, he finds lessons that translate not only to better tennis, but a better life. If you are struggling, and on the edge of your own Break Point, this book lays out 9 principles that will help get you back on track and headed to a New Beginning!

Praise for Break Point:

“Excellent life lessons included in the book, as well as tips on achieving goals. Well written and thought provoking. I thoroughly enjoyed this author and will definitely recommend this book to friends!”

“This is a well written book. Any tennis player or athlete should read it.”

“I honestly have to say I was quite surprised at how engaged I was in the book and how quickly I wanted to resume my readings! Even if you have little knowledge about the sport of tennis, it was easy to follow and the lessons that Whit recalls during his tennis match are applicable to everyday life.”

“Great book! Reminded me of when I was in highschool and the wonderful lessons I learned while playing tennis. Well written and captivating.”

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