Cataclysm (The Star Traveler Series Book 5)



The power of love takes on a whole new meaning with the Krackow come face to face with Sa’ling.

Cataclysm is book #5 of the Star Traveler Series which started with The Helavite War (Book #1).

Meet the Krackow, a species so advanced in their star travel they do not concern themselves with ecologically destroying their ‘home’ planet. Once the planet becomes uninhabitable they simply move on to another pristine jewel in the galaxy’s crown.

They have just moved in on the Henu planet bringing with them destruction and disease – a disease that threatens the survival of the Henu colony.

Arr and Taylor are testing the waters as partners now that Jake is gone. Taylor’s unorthodox winnings from a friendly game of CU prove to be challenging, but ultimately it may be that prize which will be the answer to the whole colony’s future.

“Once again a great story. I have grown to love the characters in this series. I recommend the entire series to everyone regardless of age.”

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