Chasing Shadows



Chasing Shadows is a tale of vengeance among the gods, motives as dark as the deepest abyss. It tells a heartbreaking tale of love, loss and the scars that can only be found on one’s soul. Twin sisters, Mistral and Allie, are raised apart after a devastating loss strips them of their parents. Each travels a separate path: one with pain and battle her constant companion; the other challenging forays into the realm of magic and healing. Having developed their skills separately, what will happen when their paths once again converge?

Darkness rises and angels fall. Lessons are learned about the love you can hold for the family you’ve chosen as opposed to the family you were born to…no matter what face that family wears. Loyalty is forged in the fires of frantic combat with the denizens of the Underworld while the measures and limits of love are strained to the breaking point.

Book one tells the story of Mistral—the sister who walks a warrior’s path. It reveals the iron strength of a woman’s heart to triumph over an evil that re-turns over and over again to strip her of all she loves. You will see Mistral trans-form from a lost child into a fierce woman and desperate protector. When love comes to find her, she will battle it as furiously as the demons sent to capture her and her sister. Can this woman of shadows and battle win the most important war of all? Can she learn to let someone in and love again?

Praise for Chasing Shadows:

“Filled with themes like gods, magic, vengeance, family, loyalty, love and loss, Chasing Shadows is a novel the supernatural enthusiast will absolutely love! What a great starting book, I can’t wait for more!”

“Be warned – you may want to start on a weekend so you don’t have to put the book down because of silly things like ‘work’ and ‘sleep’.”

“This book is such a guilty pleasure read! It has pretty much everything – magic, fallen angels, gods – with a riveting story that will keep you turning pages.”

Get lost in this fantasy story and keep your eyes peeled for the next installments; click here to download.

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