Coalition Of The Living (3 Book Series)



When the dead rose to destroy the living, Ron Cutter learned to survive. While so many others died, he thrived. His life is a constant battle against the living dead. As he casts his own bullets and packs his shotgun shells, his humanity slowly melts away. Then he encounters a lost boy and a woman searching for a place of refuge.

Can they help him recover the emotions he set aside to live? And if he does recover them, will those feelings be an asset in his struggles, or a danger to him?

THE STATE OF EXTINCTION: the first installment in the COALITON OF THE LIVING trilogy of Mankind’s battle against the plague of the Living Dead. As recounted by author Robert Mathis Kurtz.

Book Reviews for Coalition of the Living:

“I’m looking forward to the next two books in the series”


“Very good zombie book, I could not put it down”

“These books were great. Every so often you get a writer who keeps you reading until you forget the last paragraph and are sleeping on your kindle,this is that author.”

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