Cody Bears Big Adventure

Cody Bear's Big Adventure Book Cover


Once upon a time there was a very curious bear, in a very curious place, 
This bear’s name was Cody bear.

Cody bear dreamed of exploring the woods and beyond.
but Mama bear would say oh no Cody bear you must not go there, 
the worlds a dangerous place for a baby bear!

No matter what the age of your child, old or young, they will love listening to this little bear’s adventures. Perhaps they could even read it themselves. Either way, this is a fantastic bedtime story!

Book Review for Cody Bear’s Big Adventure:

“Overall, this is a fun bed time story that my children loved. In fact, I was asked to read it again and again. They were intrigued from start to finish about the little adventure. A very happy purchase”

If you would like to download your own copy of this adventure story, simply click here!
If you’re a reader in the UK, you will find the story book here!

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