Have you written a book with a special needs focus? Well, it’s competition time!

The purpose of the Special Needs Book Awards is to recognize authors who have written books related to disabilities, impairments, disorders, special education and special needs issues. These highly focused book awards were designed to recognize the outstanding writing in many fields. These books can help special needs children, adults and professionals working with special needs children and adults in both home and professional settings.

This year’s contest is for print books only (written for an English speaking audience). The books may be self-published, independently published or from academic or traditional publishing approaches. Books may take either a personal or professional writing approach, but all books should have a special needs focus.

How did the Special Needs Book Awards contest get started?

Basically there are hundreds of book contests, but very few focus on the special needs areas.

Why the special needs focus?

There are so many families that struggle with understanding disabilities, impairments, disorders, special education and special needs issues. There are also professionals who are seeking more information on these special needs issues.

Why is a special needs book awards contest needed for authors?

It is time to recognize authors who seek to address special needs issues. This could be from either a professional or personal focus in their books.

What are the benefits of entering the Special Needs Book Awards?

The authors of special needs books can have the opportunity to be judged in 35 categories on a wide variety of special needs subjects. These authors can be honored for their outstanding writing with Gold, Silver and Bronze recognition (depending on the number of entries). Honorable mentions may also be given.

You can you read the full description and enter the competition here.

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