Daniel and the Dragon Book

Daniel and the Dragon Book Cover

Daniel and the Dragon Book

Don’t be fooled, this is not a typical story about a knight slaying a dragon and a damsel in distress! In fact, it is a totally unusual story about a young boy from a wild tribe. His name is Daniel and he travels the world through dangerous places. His aim is to catch a dragon of wisdom, look in the fire of wisdom and consequently, possess wisdom.

Daniel is a clever boy who loves to read and write. In order to help him explore the dragons, he writes a book about them, which he hopes will help him find the one he searches for. It’s a story of amazing will, perseverance, wisdom, and love. But will Daniel gain wisdom? Or will he fail in his task?

Read the book to find out by clicking here.

Originally, this book was written in Georgian by 16 years old author and translated to English by author herself.

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