Dark Matter: The Secret Revealed

dark matter


Belinda Benson lives in Coriander, New Hampshire, a small town on the eastern seaboard, with her adopted family. Belinda seems like a normal, intelligent and attractive 18-year old. That is until disaster strikes the town in the form of a life-threatening viral outbreak that claims lives. The virus causes 18-year old Damien Garant, Belinda’s new love, to fall dangerously ill. Luckily for young Damien, Belinda is not who she appears to be. She is actually an immortal, who has lived for many centuries.

To save Damien, Belinda must travel to the sixth century where she was Lady Cerridwen, a mortal High Priestess of the Isle of the Mists. Belinda and Lady Cerridwen must come to terms with sharing one mind and one body and reconcile Lady Cerridwen’s deep and abiding love for Sir Gareth, a Knight in King William’s Court. It is in her past where she must race against time and face the ruthless Mordecai, a powerful Old Immortal, who seeks to destroy Belinda and all that she loves. In this first novel of The Butterfly Prophecy Series, follow Belinda on her journey to bridge two worlds and discover the one man she has always loved.

Praise for Dark Matter:

“Such a wonderful book filled with twists and turns and a beautiful love story mixed in.”

“I was quickly captivated by the intriguing story line and fascinating characters.”

“I loved this book and I could not put it down.”

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