Dragon Reign: Book 1: The One Prophecy



Finegan, The Cleric; Toscc, The Monk; Beauregard, The Dwarf and Norin, The Elf have been chosen by the gods to fulfill a long lost prophecy; a prophecy that will lead them to join forces against the dark wizard Reign. The bloody slaughter of his half-blood ancestors in The War of The Ancients has turned him against the pure races of men, dwarves and elves. With his reborn dragon army, he is bent one goal… revenge. Their only hope is the One-In-White, the mysterious Oracle and a slowly brewing Dragon revolt. In a race against their own imminent destruction, they must unite; for though they are part of the ancient Prophecy of One, they will find their greatest strength . . . is in each other.

Book Reviews:

“If you are looking for a fast paced book stay with this one. The book keeps on moving from point to point and switching from view to view. You will see all of the story from different angles.”

“If your into Dragons and Good versus Evil it does not get any better than this. You won’t be able to wait for the End when Good triumphs as it almost inevitably always does.”

“This is a great book if you want a lot of fun reading. You will not be able to put this book down”

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