Druids is a medieval fantasy adventure of an isolated lad born with an eerie sense that earns him the suspicion and contempt of those who fail to see it as a gift. He joins with two renowned knights – both caught up in a terse gender rivalry – while on a perilous quest to liberate a ruined land from a druid-lord’s deranged sorcery. It raises images of a nerve-wracking game of chess come to life: a broken castle, a captive queen in dire need of being released, a dread knight whose very name terrorizes foes, and underling footsoldiers deemed “pons” ? who yet harbor a latent strength of their own. And rippling through the saga, like a whispery breeze, is the mysterious Cryptic Sense – possessed by those destined to become druids. A blend of ancient beliefs like animism and the early science of alchemy – and draped in the Native American spiritualism of Manitou. – the Cryptic Sense of this tale explores.

Book Reviews:

“”Druids” is a delightful romp set in a medieval fantasy world (England?) filled with Druids, kings, knights and even a couple of worthy damsels, who are not the usual stereotypes in “distress.” It is full of action and suspense and will keep you turning pages well into the night. Readers won’t be disappointed.”

“Great characterizations, and exciting action make this story a real literary classic”

“Fantasy entertainment that is pure enjoyment! Engaging dialogue, enchantment, combat, romance, betrayal, and more await readers within DRUIDS. A coming of age journey along a dangerous course in a treacherous land, this story offers much more to the twisty plot than simply good versus evil.”

“This is a excellent book, an exciting adventure story with some great plot twists. It was one of those “can’t put it down books”, so if you love fantasy adventure like I do grab this one. Then you can say you read it before they turned it into a movie!”

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