Dry Spice Mixes: Top 101 Q&A’s for Herbs, Spices and Flavour [A Spices and Seasoning and Herbs Cookbook] (Charlie’s 101 Q&A’s)



Are you ready to bring passion into your cooking?

Dry Spice Mixes: Top 101 Q&A’s for Herbs, Spices and Flavour introduces you to the must-know herbs and spices that will take your cooking to the next level.

Do you crave flavoursome food?

Put down those take away menus! Fast food doesn’t get any faster than this! Creating exotic, mouth-watering and gourmet flavours using herbs and spices really couldn’t be simpler.

Do you want to grow your own herbs?

Making spice mixes at home is a lot cheaper than buying them in the store and creating food that is bursting with flavour can now be so easy with the powerful knowledge in this book.

Do you feel you have no flare in the kitchen?

Well you don’t need any special tools or advanced knife skills to inject fabulous flavours into every meal you cook. It may seem daunting to enter into this food revolution but with Dry Spice Mixes: Top 101 Q&A’s for Herbs, Spices and Flavour, Charlie’s got you covered! What he has learnt from his experience in the kitchen and time in front of the hotplate is now available to you.

Charlie will answer all your need to know questions quickly and straight to the point. He will introduce you into a world of flavour that will satisfy your cravings for delicious, flavoursome home cooked food.

So why wait to start your revolutionary food journey in the vast world of flavour?

Let Charlie help you on your first steps to becoming a food God.

Recipes include;

Fajita Spice Mix , Tikka Masala Spice Mix, Cajun Seasoning, Authentic Bolognese, Homemade Burger sauce and BBQ rub.

Book Reviews:

“Charlie is a wizard in the kitchen and a welcome one to have on hand in your cooking sprees with for this very excellent book.”

“Great for beginners. Simple and easy to read layout”

“This book is perfect for someone like me, and reading through it gave me quite a few little easy ideas for me to “up my game” just a bit. Add some zing to those corn cobs? No problem! Make a quick BBQ rub? Easy!”

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