Enhanced: Extra-ordinary times need extra-ordinary heroes



What links a series of seemingly impossible thefts and Britain’s own ‘Roswell’, the Rendlesham Forest Incident? Who are the mysterious Houdini Gang? And when the severity of the crimes rises, threatening the country itself, who will stop the threat? Sometimes, to cut a diamond you need to use another diamond. But is the risk of compounding the problem worth taking? The Organisation knows the stakes are high; this is now more than just a matter of national security.

But who are the real enemy here? The world is more complex than it appears to be on a superficial level. The boundaries wider and the borders more complex. The universe is a big place, but forces exist that are beyond even its confines. Their influence all around though almost all are blind to it.

Steve Fletcher thought he’d done his duty in serving his country, moved on. The truth is, his journey is only just beginning. The Process and the change it brings will be his first step but what will be his last? What is The Source? What cause do The Boss, Head of The Organisation and Doctor Jane Gmitrowicz, one of the worlds most gifted scientists, truly serve?

Detective Inspector Hayes should really be taking it easier but he can sense that there is something strange behind The Houdini Gang crimes and he cannot rest until he solves the puzzle. Can he join the dots and work out what is really happening and who is behind these extraordinary thefts? Or are the conspiracy nuts right, are there Victorian monsters on the loose on the streets of London? And more’s to the point, who can he really trust to help him apprehend the criminals?

Right now, Britain needs a hero. With The Boss, Jane Gmitrowicz and Steve Fletcher they may well get three. Find out how we are all bit part players in a war that has raged since before time, across not just this but all realities with an enemy who it is hard to even comprehend, let alone meet. The journey begins here, it promises to be one heck of a ride….

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