Everyday Uplifting You: Revised

Everyday Uplifting You: Revised


Do you always feel at a loss for words when wanting to express yourself to that person you care so much about? Is it difficult getting out just the right words? What if there was a book, that expressed every thought perfectly for you? What if that book has a beautiful thought for 365 days? How cool is that?

“Everyday Uplifting you,” is an amazing book filled with short powerful nuggets soaked in love and compassion to jump-start every day. This beautiful book is written from a heart of love which flows through in each expression. The empowering words from this book will make you smile from the inside out, encouraging an I can and I will attitude.

Book Reviews Everyday Uplifting You:

“This book is so unique and beautiful. The colors are amazing and it is full color through and through”

“Inside, on each page are timely bits of wisdom, inspiration and motivational quotes which touch and move the soul. I recommend this book highly.”

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