Douglass stumbles through life, tormented and battling his inner demons. He sees and feels things he knew he shouldn’t and even knows the unknowable. As a result, he always believes he wrestles with something inside of him others do not. Circumstances inevitably bring him to a mysterious old man and a dog. They may just hold the secret of his destiny, a link to the past and a dangerous path to redemption.

Firetok is a gritty, honest and dark (at times) glimpse into powers gifted to all humans. However, only a few have discovered and controlled them. Learn what awaits us all and travel on a spiritual awakening to discover the power, the challenges and the eventual price to be paid.

Book Reviews for Firetok:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, but enjoyed it right away, so much so I was almost late for work. While I didn’t finish the book that first day, “Firetok” is a quick read. It’s also full of fleshed out characters I cared about immediately.”

“The book was able to take me on a short journey which was a well needed escape.”

“A riveting story that I would recommend to anyone wanting a thriller that keeps your interest. It pushes the boundaries of the gruesome and, as a result, encourages readers to think about the deeper meaning behind life’s (realistic) horrors.”

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