Ground Truth: Enhance personal and organizational leadership skills and accountability through lessons learned from elite Military Special Forces



The articles within Ground Truth will give you tips and insights allowing you and your organization to grow and prosper. You’ll be given unconventional guidance from elite Special Operations training and operations. It will help you understand why the Quiet Professional mindset is the key to your success in a volatile and evolving marketplace. Ground Truth contains Special Operations Insights, Leadership, Accountability, and Lessons Learned from serving in elite Special Operations units. Learn to separate plans from reality as well as how to apply the leadership lessons within in a new and unique way.

Book Reviews:

“Scott applies his knowledge and background taught from his time within the US Army Special Forces (Green Beret). He explores how to successfully apply it to the private sector – where he’s also been successful. His approach to business and leadership is easy to follow. Furthermore, he’s included quotes and questions that allow the reader to further relate the information. In conclusion, I highly recommend this book for corporate leaders and executives.”

“Great book! I enjoyed the different perspective Scott’s military background brings to the business world”

“Many people live out their lives not reaching their full potential. I believe it is simply due to the fact they do not have the insight and understanding to do so. There’s so much you can learn that applies in the business world but also for personal growth. A must read! Thanks Scott for sharing such valuable knowledge!”

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