Healthy Food Shopping 101

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Healthy Food Shopping 101  is a modern-day guide to understanding the complex and often times frustrating world of food.  From processed foods to GMOs, Ramona makes it easy to understand the foods that we are consuming that are causing sickness.  She offers healthy alternative foods that promote wellness.  With this book, she takes the guesswork out of food shopping. Good health starts in your cart.  Follow her instructions, and you’ll be on your way to a healthy life.


“I just read Healthy Food Shopping 101 and all I can say is WOW! I never expected to get some much important info from just this one book as I did! After reading this, I can’t make a mistake on buying any unhealthy crap! She teaches you how to read labels, explains in detail what ingredients mean and what they can do to you. One of my favorite parts is when she explains the different colors of fruits & vegetables, what the color means and the amazing health properties associated with the colors!

Between learning more about processed foods, GMO’s, organic, canned food and so much more, I feel like I am now an expert on anything that I am about to buy and eat. You seriously will be amazed on how thorough she is in this ebook! You will be blown away like I was! Now I know Ramona personally and know how brilliant she is but I definitely did not expect a book packed with so much incredible content. If you eat, then you need this book! Looking forward to all the other upcoming books as well as the membership program. Great job Ramona!”

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