Hedge King in Winter



The king is crippled. Can his brother hold the throne against the machinations of their rival cousin?

Set in a grimly realistic, medieval dystopia, Hedge King in Winter opens on the tense days following the grievous wounding of a king with a shaky hold upon his throne. His cousin wants the crown and exploits the letter of an ancient law to erode the wounded king’s support.

His brother, the noble but naïve Lord Eowain, is challenged to seize the throne himself by his brother’s own supporters. And a mysterious priest, scholar of an ancient magickal philosophy, seems to have reasons of his own for propelling Lord Eowain toward the kingship. Follow the challenges of Lord Eowain as he struggles to remain loyal to his brother and hold together his kingdom against all odds.

Book Reviews:

“It’s not just good. It’s one of my new favorites . . . Michael Dellert has produced a work of dark fantasy that I can’t get enough of. Hedge King in Winter is only the merest taste of this complex and deeply researched world.” Erin Sandlin, Being Southern Somewhere Else

“The slog through the rough terrain, the fire on the horizon and the fear that overtakes him when he sees the child’s stocking, all building to that cliffhanger that leaves your readers wanting more. Excellent! And yes, I do want more!” — Yolanda Renée, author of Murder, Madness and Love.

“I like how nuanced, lyrical and absorbing your setting is– you’re a fantastic writer– the excerpt makes me want to read your book.” — Damyanti Ghosh, the Daily (W)rite.

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