Her Irresistible Troublemaker


Her Irresistible Troublemaker by Sonia Parin

Lexie Gardner’s small life becomes smaller when her beautiful view is replaced by Darth Vader’s pied-à-terre. Now wherever she turns, the hotshot developer responsible is there, taunting her with his easy manner and good looks.

As hard as it is to resist him, Lexie’s still getting over her near miss with her ex. She is solely focused on writing Lulu McGee’s comic strip… and dealing with her brainiac sister who has crash landed on her sitting room sofa… not to mention her demanding parents—her decision to leave Eden and move to Melbourne instead of settling down with some nice country boy adding to their monumental disillusionment.

Telling Jack she’s over the whole dating game because the results don’t justify the effort she puts in prompts him to suggest she date someone she’s not interested in. Him. As the family screw-up, she’s bound to get even that wrong.

Jack’s not interested in another relationship. Since ditching his suit and tie job and being dumped by his fiancée, he’s been busy recreating himself. For once, he wants to avoid bumpy roads and curve balls and all manner of obstacles and diversions—a big ask when he has several stepsisters to contend with and a father who’s onto marriage number five. Now Lexie Gardner has taken up residence in his mind, every waking thought focused on her. By the time he realizes there’s never a right place and time to fall in love, it might be too late…

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