How To Make Money Modeling: at any age, height, or size

how to make money modeling


NOT another “fashion model” book! This is for ALL shapes and sizes. You will learn how to get jobs as a “commercial print” model even if you have no experience by reading the best advice from successful professionals who are currently working as commercial models, actors, agents, managers, and photographers, based in New York City, the model capital of the world.

Lisa Masters, an actor and commercial model for over 26 years writes the guidebook to get you started as a commercial model. It doesn’t matter if you are not tall, thin, or drop dead gorgeous. She will teach you everything you need to know and save you or your loved ones years of guesswork, wasted money, and self-doubt. You just have all the right information and a few valuable tools. No matter where you live, you can apply this information to any market you live in or are close to.

Bonus: A World Wide Commercial Print Modeling Agency list, with hyperlinks to their websites plus a glossary of modeling and advertising terms.

Book Reviews:

“Ladies and gentlemen, in my honest opinion I suggest everyone who is interested in working as a model purchase a copy of Lisa Masters’ book. It will help you in so many ways! Just like it has helped me !!!”

“Lisa has written a thoughtful and entertaining ebook. It answers everything you need to know plus answering questions you didn’t know to even ask. For the first time I feel enthusiastic. I feel really clear and positive about what to do, not do, and what is realistic for me and my “look”. I highly recommend!”

“This book will give you the step by step tools needed for print and acting jobs, tackling representation, photo shoots, etc. Thank You Lisa for this BIBLE!!!”

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