How to Write a Great Blog Post

There are thousands of blogs on the web and you’re probably not the first to write an article on a particular topic. You want your blog post to stand out from the crowd. As a blogger your primary goal should be to write excellent quality content. This involves engaging with your readers, maintaining structure, having visual appeal and ensuring there is a conclusive point to your writing.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is of the utmost importance because your audience is the key to your success. Being aware of who is reading your content allows you to adjust your writing style. It will also help ensure you are relatable in some way.

Your goal should be to allow your readers to connect not just to the topic, but also to the manner in which you write. Engaging content doesn’t simply provide information; it distracts readers and entertains them, inspiring them in an enjoyable way.

Organise Your Blog Post Ideas

Before you can establish a writing style, however, you should first organise your ideas in order to avoid a scattered jumble of sentences that don’t read well. Headings, shortened paragraphs and bullet pointed lists provide a flowing piece of content that your readers can digest and skim read as they please, as no-one browsing the web during their lunch break wants to endure large chunks of writing.

Imagine yourself opening a page filled with text – you would likely feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Using different font sizes or bold writing to emphasise the main points of your article is a very simple way to help scanners stay interested.

Write a Compelling Heading

Your heading is the first step to capturing attention, so even if your overall content is compelling, you will lose readers immediately if your heading isn’t engaging. Research has found that while 80% of people will read your headlines, only 20% of those people continue to read the rest of the content. For this reason, it’s important that you spend a lot of time thinking of the perfect heading.

Write a Captivating Introduction

In addition, your introduction should be just as captivating as the main body of writing. So, tell your readers what you are going to write about and why they should continue to read! Make them feel as though they will be missing out if they don’t. Once they have finished reading, they should be left wanting more. But this doesn’t mean you should purposefully leave out important information. Engaging content will leave your readers with questions and encourage them to comment.

These tips to writing compelling content, however, are basically useless if you are not passionate about the subject of which you’re writing. You must form your own opinions throughout. If you enjoy the subject, the words will flow and your readers will sense your enthusiasm. Let your view shine through your words. Even if people disagree, your opinions will make you appear an “expert”, urging your readers to persevere with your article. You want your writing to accomplish something so you must ensure it has a conclusive point. You don’t want it to be boring, meaningless or incoherent.

I hope this has been helpful – please leave me any thoughts in the comment section.

Good Luck!

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