I Saw You in Beirut


In I Saw You in Beirut, a mysterious source of leaks on the Iranian nuclear industry, known only as F, sends an email from Tabriz: Help. Contact Almquist. Intelligence sources determine the message refers to Sara Almquist. She is a globetrotting epidemiologist, and seek her help to extract F from Iran.

As Sara tries to identify F by dredging up long-forgotten memories about her student days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her work in Lebanon and the Emirates, groups ostensibly wanting to prevent F’s escape attack her repeatedly. However, she begins to suspect her current friendship with Sanders, a secretive State Department official, is the real reason she’s being attacked.

Book Reviews for I Saw You in Beirut:

“I admit, I enjoy this author’s work. Every time I read one of her books, I learn something new.”

“An exciting read in the setting of todays dangerous Middle East. Dr. Greger makes good used of her first-hand experiences in the most complex and unpredictable political and social section of the world.”

“I could hardly put this down!”

“Very interesting story, written by an experienced scientist and award winning writer.”

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