I’m Not Crazy… I’m Allergic



I’m not crazy…I’m allergic

After a lifetime of dealing with what she was told was depression, “Julie” found that her problem wasn’t all mysterious and uncontrollable chemical reactions. Medically identified sensitivities and/or allergies to foods and environmental conditions seemed to have a strong correlation to the same emotional and mental states that she had experienced throughout the years as depression. These were sometimes accompanied by so-called typical allergy symptoms, but in some cases those medically-recognized symptoms were missing. In desperation she reached out to family member and author, Sherilyn Powers, who had been exploring her own unusual reactions to foods and environment. Together they explored the connection between allergies and depression enabling Julie to take control of her life after fifty years of helplessness.

This book is a journey of discovery and search for medical studies to help explain how every day things could be related to reactions like panic attacks, depression, uncontrollable crying, brain fog, body aches and pains and many more, when the popularly accepted allergic/sensitive reactions only include symptoms such as itchy eyes, a runny nose, and hives.

Book Reviews:

“Excellent book! It gives directions for you to learn what you are allergic to and gives scientific proof that many depressions and anxiety attacks are actually caused by what we eat or by what is in our environment. The scientific research is well done!”

“This is a work that shakes one out of complacency and in an increasingly corporate world, one which cares solely about profits and pushing synthesised and copy-writed drugs on all ages (and also unceasingly = a cured patient is a customer lost as Big Pharma likes to say) research like this is vitally important. Five stars for ‘I’m Not Crazy … I’m Allergic!”

“This is a very well written, well researched, and highly informative non-fiction book. It is a must read for allergy sufferers, and I would assume it would be a great reference and resource book for the medical practitioners treating them … Good job in writing!”

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