Imago Dei: Image of God



There’s nothing more brutal or soul crushing than the knife of a traitor, especially when you consider that person to be a friend.

In all of us something lingers just underneath the surface, an emotion that can lead to insanity or the overwhelming drive to murder another human being.

Within this collection of sleepy towns and normal people of this world, humble smiles and all-American apple pie, there lies an ancient evil we call rage. It takes many forms but the outcome is always the same – six feet underground encased in a grave.

Sometimes our worst enemies are the ones we keep closest to our hearts. And, there is no one who knows ourselves better than ourselves. The body and the wants of the flesh are always at war with one another.

What is stopping us from crossing over from thought into action?

We’re always toeing the line that separates man from beast.

Who are we to blame when our bodies and evil thoughts chain us and lock our rational away?

Book Reviews for Imago Dei:

“Great read!”

“I was blown away by this book! So much imagination and articulation! A must read!”

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