In the Snows of Haz (Heart of the World Book 1)

In the Snows of Haz Book Cover


Small towns keep their secrets well. Snowy, isolated Haz Gate is no exception. But when a wealthy stranger from the capital is murdered in the night and one of her students stands accused, schoolteacher Linna Nyx has to dig through deceptions thicker than the snow in midwinter to piece together the truth. She comes face to face with a killer who would destroy not only Linna’s peaceful existence, but the very order of the Empire itself.

Book Reviews In the Snows of Haz:

“A charmer filled with endearing characters. It’s a funny, smart story from a world that doesn’t exist but is familiar to anyone. We have all been submerged into an environment like this at some point in our lives, snow be damned.”

“This is a great, quick-paced mystery with wonderful characters in an interesting setting. The author keeps you guessing until the big reveal towards the end of the story. She also includes quick glimpses into different perspectives.”

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