Judge Parker and Bass Reeves: Two Fisted Justice (Bass Reeves Trilogy Book 3)

Judge Parker and Bass Reeves


Note: If you haven’t read book 1 of this historical trilogy, you can find it here!

This is the final book of Bass Reeves Trilogy,. It takes Bass Reeves from about 60 up until his death in 1910, at the age of 73, He is buried in Muskogee, Oklahoma. During his 32 years as a US Marshal he captured over 3000 lawbreakers. His length of service and his bravery is unmatched by any man, in the history of Indian Territory.

The trilogy describes action packed, fast moving encounters with the lawless of the most dangerous land in the history of the U.S. and they are based on true facts. His relationship with Judge Parker”The Hanging Judge” was legendary. The two teamed to enforce the law and make it possible for Oklahoma to become a state. Their dedication to the law is unmatched anywhere in history. They not only were a team in law enforcement, they were friends. Bass traveled over 800 miles in a month’s time capturing and transporting the lawbreakers of the time to Federal Court. He took no quarter.

He was fair and honest, a master of disguise, and a highly intelligent man, which enabled him to bring in some of the most feared badmen of the times.

His association with Bud Ledbetter, Sam Sixkiller, Heck Thomas, Belle Starr and the many other notables of the time are covered in this book.

If you love westerns, history and Oklahoma this book is a must read.

Book Reviews:

“Fred Staff is a brilliant story teller. This is deftly demonstrated in his book, Judge Parker and Bass Reeves which is part three of his epical trilogy of the life of Bass Reeves, the legendary black U.S. Marshal for the Oklahoma Terriroty in the late nineteenth century before statehood in 1907.”

“Ever since his first book, ‘Rocha’s Treasure of Potosi’, I have been hooked on Fred Staff’ writing. As a reader who has never really been interested in history, the way that Staff brings his characters and places to life have made me a fan. ‘Judge Parker & Bass Reeves: Two Fisted Justice’ is another great and informative read from a great writer!”

“Had a gang of fun reading this trilogy, and the last volume was no exception. Fred Staff’s storytelling skills are on display from page one. As in previous volumes, there are surprises, earthy humor, setbacks, tragedy, all the historic “nuts-and-bolts” of a uniquely humble and heroic individual, told with a compelling, near-Homeric urgency, as if bringing back the oral tradition of campfire tales of derring-do.”

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