Katie’s Journey Into Submission

Katie's Journey Into Submission Book Cover

Katie’s Journey Into Submission Kindle Edition by Tom Speed

Katie is a single mom who is doing her best to get through life. Learning about a new kink, in her books and online. Everything seems to be mundane, until her high school crush comes into town. And what do you know, he’s into BDSM. Can she learn the ropes and have mend her family? Will the Bondage consume her, or will the drama in her life, rip her and her daughter apart?

Book Reviews for Katie’s Journey Into Submission:

“I was intrigued with the story, and how easy I was able to lost in it. The author has developed a wonderful journey to Katie’s submission. I will give a good recommendation to grab this book.”

“If you want to read a story that has a real feel of the BDSM scene then this is a story to read! I really enjoyed it.”

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