King Logion’s Bride


King Logion’s Bride by Sarah Vandbogert

King Logion’s Bride is an allegorical low fantasy that explores the ramifications of Second Wave Feminism in society and in the Christian church.

Logion is a just king who is loved by his subjects and feared by those who would be his enemies. His mystical connection with the Creative Force of the world puts both a healing and destructive power in his hands. He is a man, but a superior one. He is a man, but an equal to all. For this reason, his people are loyal to him and to his ideals and live them out peacefully, and joyfully, devoted to him even to death.

When their good king chooses a bride from a debauched and poor neighboring nation there are some who doubt his judgment and turn to magic of the heart to overcome the king.

King Logion disappears, leaving his bewildered bride in the care of his men. His people settle to wait for his return, but when the women of the world have visions of a seductive and beautiful woman who teaches them the path to liberty and heart magic, waiting seems a lot less appealing.

Logion’s bride feels all too keenly her unworthiness, and this heart magic calls to her and affirms her. Will she remain faithful to a king who disappears and may never return? Or will she embrace the magic of her heart.

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