Listen Up, Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God & Running to Win

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Would you like to know if you are truly listening to God? Do you frequently wish to discover your divine calling? Would you like to live confidently and cultivate an enduring legacy for future generations? So did Chad Gramling.

In Listen Up, Kids: Foolish Dreams, Syncing with God, & Running to Win, author Chad Gramling shares his personal journey from a misfiring shell of a man into a fulfilled and purposeful servant of God. Originally meant to be a modest and heartfelt letter to his three daughters, it instead became a book filled with key life lessons. It is also an inspiring model for others to apply in their own walks with Christ. In addition, he shows readers how his acknowledging and relying upon God’s strength enabled him to overcome life obstacles. In the process, readers get an intimate view of God perfectly preparing Gramling’s life for greater and more fulfilling purposes.

Book Reviews for Listen Up, Kids:

“Through personal struggles and meaningful experiences, Chad reveals how he learned to trust in the Lord beyond his intellectual understanding. Anyone with children will appreciate this book because it’s a reflection and observation of a parent’s life. It also explores how to hand down personal knowledge and wisdom from generation to generation.”

“Right from the Preface, Chad had my attention. I eagerly read on to hear what he had to say. I was not disappointed in his powerful, thoughtful and well-written “letter to his kids.” But this letter is, sure enough, for more than his three daughters. It is for every believer in Jesus Christ. It’s challenging us to be and become all that God has in mind for us, with nuggets of wisdom in how to do that. It is also for those who are struggling without Christ and need to be pointed in the right direction, toward Christ. I highly recommend this book!”

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