Lost to the Sea: Book 2



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With his prize money, James Johnson buys shares in the Stag line. Consequently, he sails as mate on the Schooner Annabel. When The Captain is injured he becomes a Captain in his own right.
He hears Captain Stag has been missing for two years but is believed to be held by pirates in the Azores.

With Charles’s help, as well as backing from the Duke of Northumberland, he buys the French prize brig Etoil. While carrying a ‘Letter of Marque’ signed by the Duke, they set out to effect a rescue mission and confiscate the pirates treasure.

En-route he becomes involved in the Royal Naval Attack on the port of Brest, and later, at the request of the Duke of Northumberland he joins the Government attack and Annexation of french West African Colony of Senegal.

Book Reviews for Lost at Sea:

“If you enjoy reading blood curdling sea stories this one is for you.”

“Entertaining simple and easy to read.”

“Very enjoyable & interesting !”

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