Lost to the Sea



Set in the 1750’s ‘Lost to the sea’ is the first in a series of sea stories charting the life of James Johnson. The son of a fisherman, he is Orphaned when his entire family are drowned trying to launch their fishing boat into the teeth of a north east gale.

Taken in by the church and educated, he is Apprenticed to a local shipping master. He rises quickly, but falls foul of Thomas Brolin the owners nephew who sees James as a rival for the Captains daughter Annabel and plans to have him murdered. Instead, the highwayman sells him to the press gang.

We follow his trials, tribulations and triumphs as he struggles to cope with the harsh conditions of life, ‘before the mast’ on a merchant brig, and later after being taken by the press gang, ‘below decks’ on a sloop of war.

Book Reviews:

“Only an author who knows the sea in all it’s many moods could have written as compelling a novel as ‘Lost to the Sea’. E Van Johnson’s seagoing tale kept me well hooked.”

“A splendid story and well written. In fact I could not put it down as the action is non stop. I can’t wait for the sequel.”

“A very enjoyable read which gave me the feel of the sea without too much seafaring technicalities. The characters are interesting and I enjoyed getting to know them as the tale enfolded. Looking forward to Book 2 and furthering the adventure.”

Download Book 1 of Lost to the Sea by clicking here.

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