Meeting Boudicca



Cartimandua of Brigantes encounters the Iceni Warrior Queen.

Queen Boudicca is defeated. Her Iceni and other British allies are dead or fleeing from the vengeance of unmerciful Rome. The beaten Iceni Warrior queen awaits her poison elixir which will aid her departure from life while the waiting druids wish to bury her in a secret place.

However, before Boudicca can complete her final and drastic act; a messenger arrives with news of a potential alliance. The Brigantes Queen Cartimandua may be able to offer a new pact against Rome. This is confusing because Cartimandua is loyal to Rome and has betrayed other Britons who fought Rome in the past.

Cartimandua is equally perplexed. She has no desire to aid Boudicca and fears the Iceni queen. Could both sovereigns be pawns in another participants’ ploy? To find the culprits of the conspiracy, Cartimandua chooses to indulge the inappropriate consultation of two very different British queens.

Book Reviews:

“This was an enjoyable story and will appeal to those who like to read about Roman Britain.”

“I found Meeting Boudicca to be a different and refreshingly new read. The story is unique and captivating compared to most other books that I have came across recently through kindle. It’s evident to me that the author has done a lot of research and put a lot of passion into this book and I found the blend between nonfictional and fictional elements to be executed perfectly – the book has many accurate parts but also with exciting fictional twists that keep it up at a smooth, exciting pace from start to finish.”

“If you enjoy early history, woad, Romans, the clash of battle and political intrigue this story is for you.”

“I enjoyed it and once started I just had to finish it .It brought a period in history, that am interested in very much to life .”

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