Midnight Oasis: Sadie’s Song

Midnight Oasis

The Midnight Oasis Cruise Line is about to launch its first ship, Onyx. This unique BDSM ship is the first of its kind, and Sadie Sommers will be sailing on it.

Having dreamed of being a singer, she lands the lead in the ship’s burlesque show. Thinking of the exclusive passenger list, Sadie can only hope a music producer is among them. However she doesn’t count on falling for Master Cameron, her boss.

Sadie starts to trust Cameron, but a series of events pull them apart. After Cameron has the winning bid for Sadie in the crewmember auction, he has Sadie right where he wants her.

Now he has seven days to prove to her she belongs to him. There is however, a small death match Cameron needs to win, and if he does Sadie and his family will be safe.

Praise for Shannon:

“This book kept my interest throughout. It was not predictable and kept me reading till the end.”

“Her character building and interaction is so absolutely amazing that you find yourself turning the pages so fast to see what happens next!”

“Much better than 50 shades!”

You can pick up your own copy of Midnight Oasis: Sadie’s song here!

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