Nero’s Fiddle



Every day millions of people use their cars, cell phones, and computers.

They commute to work by bus or train.

Hospitals run efficiently. Food is delivered round the clock.

Imagine all of that . . . gone.

Jun 23, 2017: The United States is crippled by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack, leaving every citizen in the dark, helpless and alone.

It will happen again.

Every thirty days another country will be attacked until the entire world is plunged into darkness.

Captain Beverly Mossberg is assigned the task of reaching Washington, DC to assassinate the terrorist before he strikes again. She doesn’t count on being accompanied by her two children, Michael, age 9 and Jazmine, age 12. Not to mention Sedona Armstrong, a complete stranger, is determined to join the party.

They traverse a now lawless land, scrounging for food and water, blowing up propane gas tanks, narrowly avoiding being raped and being held prisoners in a cannibal commune – a possible side-effect of massive disaster-related incidents.

Upon arriving in DC, Bev learns that she has been misled – again.

Only this time, she has the weight of saving the world on her shoulders.

Praise for Pen

“Nero’s Fiddle is one of the finest works of Realistic Fiction written by any Contemporary American author. It will have you mesmerized with action and dramatic probability from the beginning!”

“Definitely a page turner! I’m giving it as a gift to all my sci-fi loving friends. Only this is really NOT science fiction! The premise is so real it’s a bit scary to even think about it!”

“Pen’s book is a blend of reality and imagination, historical and supposition, unafraid to confront any controversial issues.”

“The plot is enthralling, the characters well developed and the action was non – stop!”

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