Nicky and the Fairy Named Anika

Nicky and the Fairy Named Anika Book Cover


Nicky Hanniky is the protagonist of this story. She is a young poet but gets taken to fairy land. As a result, she has many interesting adventures and forgets to be sad about her Grandma’s death. Those aged ten to infinity can read this story, which features gracious fairies, singing gnomes, and galloping unicorns.

About the Author:

Loren Bukovka’s goal is to create fictional worlds filled with enjoyment and friendship. As a result, she brings these to life with her beautiful poetry and occasionally even a unicorn.

Book Reviews for Nicky and the Fairy Named Anika:

“I really enjoyed this book. It might not appeal to everyone since it is for a younger audience but I thought it was just a really cute story.”

“An adorable fairy themed tale of finding your way in the dark. Not a literal dark, but when your dream is so muffled and squashed you can’t be bothered to chase it.”

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