No Net



What would you do if the Internet mysteriously vanished tomorrow morning? Everything else stays the same. No outages of electricity. No apocalyptic calamity. NO ZOMBIES. Ugh. Just the World Wide Web, the cherished addiction that we have all held so near and dear to our hearts for such a long time…GONE without a trace. Would you care? Would you cry? Or would you just act like it wouldn’t affect you even though it clearly would? Think about this. Think about your habits. I’ve thought about mine. How deep are you into your preconceived notion of yourself? And to your device that basically doubles as a limb? Is there even a way out from all of it? Or is it too late for us as a whole?

No Net tells a thoroughly interwoven and ambitious story which spans across 20 APPs and explores an eclectic assortment of people in its foreboding world. The novel shows how little…or how much people could miss the Internet one day down the road if it were to be yanked away from them. With no answers to be found, what really would be the exact questions presented? This is a truly cautionary tale that is at times funny, violent, scary, emotional, reflective and/or inspiring. To lead a better life in some form, we all struggle to find what is real and what is fake. You decide how to live, you make the call on how to act. No Net is about character, about what we are doing to ourselves and to each other. It’s about where we’re going. And where we may stay. For good.

So consume this to discover what’s consuming you.

Book Reviews:

“One of the best fictional works I’ve read in a while. An honor to be a part of it!”

“I knew right away that No Net was going to be the kind of book you would want to reread as soon as you reached the end.”

“I can’t wait to see this made into a movie. Expect the unexpected.”

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