Numbered Lakes

Small tales of a kid’s life in North Little Rock during the late ’60s

Numbered lakes


6 year old Isabel asked her father to tell about his own life as a boy instead of reading her another bedtime story. These storytelling sessions produced 23 improvised micro tales told in the voice of a young boy named Robbie. Set in the suburban North Little Rock neighborhood of Lakewood in the late ’60s,

Numbered Lakes features a cast of unforgettable characters and events focused on firsts in Robbie’s life. The stories include playing football and baseball for the first time, catching a first fish, catching a first flight, learning right from left and how to read, along with a memorable experience during the first week of first grade.

Meet Walt, Robbie’s first friend who catches a catfish with a catcher’s mitt. 3 year old Herbie, rumored to be with the circus, who rides a bicycle as big as a motorcycle and has a way with fireflies, but never talks.

Meet Dean, the neighborhood genius, who is believed to be able to start a fire with a firefly. Belinda, his younger sister, is the best pitcher in Lakewood. And there’s Truck, a weightlifter, who rarely leaves home without a shot put and a pair of ankle weights.

Keri, Robbie’s big sister, has a sharp tongue. She puts all the kids on notice, especially Walt, that she’s got Robbie’s back. The last tale recounts a dangerously rewarding trip to Florida during Hurricane Camille with a narrative twist.

Suitable for all ages, Numbered Lakes gives the reader a glimpse of suburban and rural southern life as imagined and narrated by a child with a lot to say.

Praise for Numbered Lakes:

“This is a charming book about childhood from the perspective and experiences of a 7-year-old boy.

The author create stories, based on his own childhood, in response to the requests of his own young daughter to “tell me a story about you.”

“Robbie” draws the reader back in time as he brings to life characters the reader may recognize from his/her own early life–bullies and defenders; “wise guys” and masters of logic; loving parents and grandparents, and a “perfect” big sister who loves, annoys, irritates and fiercely protects her little brother.

Funny and heartwarming, this treasure should be read by anyone who recognizes the significance and importance of the stories of our young lives. Highly recommended!”

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