Of the Universe by Bianca March



Tommy Tomorrow ayoved to stare up at the sky, whether it was day or night. He always saw something interesting up there.

It was a particularly clear sky this night. He saw the constellation Orion. It was the easiest one for him to identify because it had three straight stars across Orion’s belt. He also was good at finding the Big Dipper. All the other stars were a mystery to him.

He liked to go outside at night, lie down on his back in his backyard, and stare up at the sky. It made him feel like the sky was swallowing him up into itself.

He knew that many scientists believed the Universe was created during a Big Bang. If this were true, then he realized he, Tommy Tomorrow, was also a part of the Big Bang. If it all started from nothing, then he was now just as much a part of this something, as the stars, the planets, and everything else he had ever seen. He was an important part of the Universe. He was a part of the beginning and the end. He knew Albert Einstein said energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed.

He was connected to the Universe as much as he was connected to himself. His body did not end at his fingertips or his toes. His energy stretched out to all of it, as far as his eyes could see and beyond. Yes, Tommy Tomorrow was of the Universe. He was one with the Universe. He was bigger, brighter, and more amazing than he ever realized before.

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