Onesimus: A Novel of Early Christianity

Onesimus Book Cover

Onesimus by Mark McFaddyn

Onesimus chafes at his life. Born into slavery in a Roman province of the first century AD, educated by his kind master to assist with his trading business, Onesimus is nonetheless unfulfilled and sullen. He believes he could be so much more. The only bright spot in his life is Turia, a beautiful household slave. Together, they have a plan.

The thirst for freedom and power can make a person do terrible things.

Onesimus’ journey is one of betrayal, revenge, and danger—but also wonder and unexpected good fortune. He faces the power and the decadence of the Roman world! However, he must also face the contradictions and decadence of his own soul. Should he seek the dangerous path of freedom into the unknown, or should he do the honorable thing and conform to society while hoping for the best?

Or, perhaps, there is a third way…

Through his journey of discovery, Onesimus unwittingly becomes part of one of the most charming and moving stories in human history.

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