Operation Rhombus

operation-rhombusOperation Rhombus by John Duggan

Having been given very few details Karl Steiner is tasked with a mission to foil a plot to assassinate Diana Princess of Wales.

His employer, Sir Gerald Ainsley, suspects who the instigators are and discovers that Diana is simply a convenient pawn being used in an exceptionally long game to challenge the British Establishment. With his meticulous skill and knowledge Steiner spends a year preparing for a premeditated attempt planned for 1995, but where he initially succeeds, conflicting forces thwart his efforts and a further attempt is realised in 1997. The answers as to who, why and how, unfold in this complex and detailed story of those who operate in the shadows of the world.

A cunning suspense novel, OPERATION RHOMBUS spans almost three decades and tells the story of a determined attempt to bring down the British establishment, focusing on the men who would dare risk it, their perceived transgressions, and the men with the skills to carry it out. Interspersing characters real and imagined, mixing theory and fact, describing methods in authentic detail and blurring all lines of plausibility, just who is JD? And who are the men behind him and his kind?

Praise for Operation Rhombus

“A thoroughly enjoyable novel that more than tickles the intellect and satisfies the appetite for action.”

“Fascinating characters believably drawn inhabit this richly detailed story.”

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