Out of Time

Out of Time


Joe Dawson is a struggling 41-year old writer battling a serious case of writer’s block. When he travels to Wales in a last-ditch attempt to reignite his career, he finds himself staying at a mysterious seaside hotel, where nothing is quite what it seems. As the secrets of his past finally catch up with him, Joe is thrust into a life or death situation where his every action could have terrible consequences.

Book Reviews for Out of Time:

“Out of Time is disturbing, with a few descriptions that are cringe-worthy (in a good way), but I’d describe it as more psychological horror that creeps into your subconscious so it stays with you a little longer than gore alone can. Overall, a well-written, creepy story with a dash of weirdness that keeps you unsettled until the last page. Definitely recommend checking it out.”

“The attention to detail is up to snuff! You’ll find yourself comparing what you know or remember to what the main character goes through. I don’t think its spoiling to say this involves time travel, but I’ll say that it does it in a way I’ve not seen before. Well done!”

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