Promises Unbroken: A Ghost Romance Book

Promises Unbroken Book Cover


In this ghost story novella, Promises Unbroken, Elizabeth Shelly is left with crippling despair because of the murder of her affluent and handsome fiancé. Beth, as Deven used to call her, finds herself drawn into a ghouls night out when a supernatural intervention interferes with her decision to commit suicide.

Promises Unbroken is a supernatural romance story proving that love never dies!

“You are forever my diamond and an extraordinary woman. Our combined grief and my sacrifice were strong enough to hold my life core on Earth. Some refer to the life core as soul, some as spirit; it is the essence of what I will always be. I walk between worlds, revealing myself to whom I choose. I came to you, Beth because I have discovered a way to fulfill at least a portion of my promises to you.”

Praise for Promises Unbroken:

“Max W. Miller’s voice shines through in this interesting twist to the paranormal world. This is an endearing, tragic romance. Elizabeth Shelly is forced to choose between her deepest desires and honoring the love of her life. What I find fascinating is that the end twists the boundaries of ethics and human nature, making the main character both villain and heroin.”

“Promises was a great read. I recommend it for all 20 somethings.”

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