Puppy Love: A Romantic Comedy (Steamy Interludes Book 4)



* Please note, this novel contains adult themes.

Can Theo outmaneuver her high school nemesis, a persistent ex-boyfriend, and a wayward pup to win the affections of the town’s newest vet?

Theo decides to give up on love when she catches her sister in bed with her husband. Instead of blaming her sister or her husband, she blames herself, divorces her husband, distances herself from her sister, and shuts her heart to love.

Her son inadvertently pushes her back into the dating game when he drops off his puppy, Ollie, as he heads out to deployment abroad. He fails to inform her that the puppy isn’t even close to being trained or even somewhat obedient.

Ollie brings the dating-phobic Theo into contact with Westvale’s hottest bachelor, Dr. Brent Knight. Despite her best friend Lorna’s urging to go after him, Theo hangs back due the eleven year age gap and her past romantic history, but it doesn’t stop Ollie from barreling ahead.

When her high school rival Jenny shows up, Theo decides to fight for her man with comic and passionate results.

Book Reviews:

“Would I recommend this book? Yes. Would I read more from this author? Yes”

“This was a fun cute quick read that will make you smile. The author did a great job with the obstacles and I have to say the chase is one I will not forget. Great for some light afternoon reading.”

“This one had me chuckling in the teachers lounge as I read it. Lucky for me, no one was in there at the time :)”

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